Family Sanctuary Garden


Design Brief

An inspiring and beautiful extension to the indoor living area by maximising the potential of the space through the use of effective screening and lighting, with abundant planting, to provide a tranquil and relaxing garden sanctuary for the whole family.

The Challenge

An elongated sloping site on a new-build development, directly overlooked on two sides. Soil compaction was particularly extreme as the area had housed the site office used during construction of the entire close and this had previously caused severe drainage issues in the garden.

The Design Solution

Iroko trellising was used throughout to provide a stylish yet cosy enclosure that promotes a sense of seclusion. Raised beds with profuse planting form a second layer of insulation around the entertainment area, and a water feature encourages quiet contemplation. A mound was created from spoil excavated during the installation of land drains to correct the drainage issues, and was planted with silver birch and wildflowers to give interest and height to the lowest part of the garden. This area also serves a play area for the children.

FamilyNina Baxter